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Our vest utilizes infrared technology and carbon fibre wires to warm your whole body up in seconds! Insulated with high-quality down cotton and with heating elements intelligently spread throughout the collar and back, you’ll feel warm & cosy no matter how cold it is.


  • Instant Long Lasting and Adjustable Warmth: Our vest heats up in just minutes and you can enjoy up to 12 hours of heat on a single charge.
  • Ultra Lightweight Design: Built with high-quality down cotton and a polyester shell so you can enjoy FULL insulation without the extra weight and bulk that you get from a traditional jacket. The vest is even lightweight enough to wear under a jacket for those extremely cold days!
  • Perfect For All Occasions: You can wear this vest while cycling, motorbike riding, on the job or with any other outdoor activity, but you can also wear it in your everyday life. It's made to keep you warm, but it also looks good and doesn’t give off the impression that there’s a battery in it.
  • Easy Care: The interior of the vest is made of carbon fibre, unlike metals, which are electrically conductive and you don't have to worry about washing it. It is 100% machine washable.

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