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Memory Floating Locket Necklace

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Our Memory Floating Locket Necklace is a perfect gift for loved ones and friends. You can now cherish all the memories you've created with your loved ones anywhere you go and keep them close to your heart...

  • Material: Metal (stainless steel / Copper plated)
  • Pendant size: 2.2cm (0.8")
  • Photo size; 1.5cm (0.2")

Whenever you feel down all you have to do is look at this pendant and it'll brighten your day and put a smile on your face immediately!

Note: The pendant comes empty with no pictures. You can use any online or local photo resizing service to get your photos re-sized. For countries other than USA, we recommend searching on Google for "locket photos" and you will find multiple options for your region.

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