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Fleeky™️ - Magnetic Eyeliner & False Lash Set

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A true beauty innovation! Our Magnetic Eyeliner & False Eyelash system makes wearing false eyelashes so easy and comfortable

Simply apply the magnetic eyeliner, and the magnetic eyelash will effortlessly 'clicks' to the eyeliner!

Our eyeliner contains ultra-fine magnetic particles, yet feels completely natural. Lets you have gorgeous lashes quickly and painlessly.  

Why Fleeky™️ ?

  • Daily Delux's Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelash:
    World's first magnetic eyeliner and false eyelash system! Ridiculously easy to apply, comfortable enough to wear through the day. 

  • Glamour Eye Enhancing:
    Fashionable style false eyelash with excellent length and width make your eyes look bigger, brighter and more attractive. 

  • Superior Hold & Adjustable:
    Totally waterproof and smudge proof. Won't fall off and easy to reposition with the magnetic design. 
  • Safe & Comfortable:
    No more glue and sticky tape residual on your eyes! Our eyeliner use FDA approved ingredients and it's latex free. 

  • Easy To Use:
    It can be put on with on hand - No special skills needed. After applying the eyeliner, simply hold the lashes up to the eyeliner and they smoothly "click" into place.



  • Color: Black


  • 1 x Fleeky™️ Magnetic Eyeliner
  • 1 x Fleeky™️ Magnetic False Eyelashes
  • 1 x Fleeky™️ Eyelash Applicator
  • 1 x Fleeky™️ Set Case with Mirror